Meet The Horses


Sally is our girl next door. You know the one you run to with all your troubles; the one who always seems to know the right answers; the one who you can depend on for a kind answer and equal temperament that’s our Sally. There is little she doesn’t know how to do and even fewer things that upset her. She will step slowly with a little child or lift her head and strut with a more experienced equestrian. I honestly don’t know what we would do without our Sally.


Names are often telling, Captain is a bit of a commander. Now he is as steady as a Sherman tank (which we often teasingly call him) but he is a bit bossy. He just wants to make sure you know what you are talking about you know! But once you have gained his respect he will make you feel like a million bucks, something about the way he walks just makes you feel like your taller than all the rest…and maybe a just a bit better.


This little fellow may be the shortest of our herd but don’t let that fool you! He also packs the biggest punch at least toward the other horses, when he lays his ears back they scatter! But once you get him tacked up he mellows down to a dandy little fellow. Because of his size he gives lots of little kid rides but really he prefers to have a spirited rider so he can canter across the prairie with the wind in his hair. He is like the little Mongolian ponies, no hill is too steep or too rocky and nothing tires him.

Baby Buttermilk

Baby is a Mustang! She was captured in Wyoming where she used to roam free. Now she roams the prairies of Colorado with her favorite pals Sally and her little sister Amisa who was also a wild horse, they were rounded up together. We love the mustangs because they are so much more hardy than domesticated ones and most of the time smarter because in the wild if you aren’t smart and tough you die. We gentle train all of our horses so nowadays Baby is the biggest pest. If you have any food you better be prepared to share! She is also a lot of fun to ride, she has very definite movements that make it easier for beginners to learn how to properly move their bodies with the horse. Baby always gives every new rider a test, when you first get on she plays dumb. Like “Oh when you pull the reins that way I am supposed to go?” If you act like you know what you are doing she settles in and becomes a darling to turn, stop and go. But if you don’t then she will keep on playing dumb until you learn!


Amisa is Baby’s little sister and a mustang. She is a great old girl. Even though she is younger than Baby and not at all old she somehow makes you think of her as a lady. She is a lot of fun to ride that is unless she puts you in the category of  “Scared Beginner”. As I mentioned before horses will almost always give new riders a little test when they first get on. This is actually a great thing, even though it can be frustrating for beginners. If horses were to treat everyone as experienced riders they would be moving far to quickly for beginners to become comfortable. If Amisa decides you are scared she does these little baby steps and barely moves! Its a little bit too slow and we have had several talks about it with her but she just worries about everyone!


Dusty is the trusty old steed at the ranch. He may be old, but he still has a lot of good horse in him! He’s been all over the mountains and foothills around the ranch and has rode a lot of people. Dusty was born and raised here. Trained by Yancey’s dad, he learned at a young age some good manners. He’s the boss horse in the herd and has his favorite mare companions following him around. Without them, he can be a little lost, but if we take him for a ride in the foothills, he settles right down. He rides smooth and loves for Elisha to do cowboy tricks with him.

And many many more horse biographies soon to come!