Horses Sold

Dixie – AQHA – 2020 – Buckskin – Mare – 14.2 Hands

Dixie is a flashy young mare that is going to be someone’s dream horse. She could be a AQHA poster child, hindquarters the size of a dump truck and little face that seems to be constantly looking down her nose at the other horses. Between her temperament, intelligence, body size and physical abilities, this horse could truly be taken so many different ways with great results. She could be anything; a babysitter, a ladies show horse or a man’s roping partner.

If you guessed her age solely by how she rides you’d think she was a seasoned 12 year old. Anyone that knows the basics of riding can handle her with ease. She moves willingly at all speeds, one hand neck reins and you’d pretty much have to set a bomb off for her to spook from something. She navigates obstacles like she grew up in a playground. Dixie is the kind of horse you can put on a trail and then get your camera out to play with or take nap, she’ll take care of the rest.

She handles great on the ground as well, takes the bit willingly, saddles easily, jumps right in trailers and holds her feet like a pro.

Tobi – AQHA – 2015 – Gray Dun – Mare – 15 Hands

Tobi. How do I tell you about Tobi?

Did you read about Cowgirl earlier? You remember how I said that she doesn’t know how to make a novice rider look good? Well, Tobi does! You don’t really have to know a blooming thing about horses (other than to bring snacks) and Tobi will make you look like a million bucks. And not only will you look like a million bucks, you will feel like a million bucks too. Some horses just make you feel good and that’s Tobi. When you climb on old Tobi she feels comfortable and willing and steady. Its like putting on your favorite shoes and sweatpants.

Tobi has just about done it all. She has herded horses, babysat and went on trail rides. She will pack all that floppy junk you think you need to the top of the mountain, cross water and bogs then hang out patiently while you go fishing. She will cross bridges and obstacles with care and nicker sweetly at you for treats. She is an all around good girl.

One thing to note about her is that she needs shoes if you are going to have her in rocky or gravely terrain. She was not blessed with mustang feet like some of our other horses. But you slap a little steel on her feet and you’d think she was a mustang.

Luke – 13 year old – Dark Bay – Gelding – 14 hands

Luke is a beautiful horse! His proportions are just lovely. Being a BLM mustang he has that long flowing mane and tail and he doesn’t know what it is to get tired. He has been on mountain trips, crossed water, bogs, downed timber and climbed steep embankments. You will not believe how surefooted he is, its really incredible. We have used him as a wrangler horse around the ranch for years. He is a little more on the alert side so we have not used him for dude rides. He is comfortable with saddle bags and is easy to saddle and bridle. He is a super easy keeper and can pretty much stay fat on dust and weeds! Even though he is on the smaller side he can handle and adult male with ease. He would make someone a dandy mountain horse and you won’t have to worry about ducking trees much! Haha 

Buckshot – 5 year old – Sorrel – Gelding- 13.2 hands

Buckshot is a top notch cowhand! Ok not really, he hasn’t ever worked cows but he is top notch! He is a very careful horse. He tries to think everything out. If you give him a minute to think about it he will pretty much do anything, go in the house, climb up hills with slippery footing, load on flatbed trailers or whatever it is you come up with. He is good with his feet and there is no trouble shoeing him. He has been taught to be a little on the lazy side because we figured with his size he will more than apt be a kids horse. He likes to follow the other horses but will go away and do what he is asked. He neck reins well and has a darling little trot that is pretty comfortable to sit even for those that do not know how to ride well. Ride him bareback or saddle up with your all your mountain gear, he is good to go!

Apache – 5 year old – Roan – Mare – 13.2 Hands (Bred mare)

Apache is the New Kid on the block. She just entered the dude string last year. While she it a little bitty thing she is mighty in spirit! She is eager to please and loves to get things done! She is a real sweetie and loves to beg for treats and scratches. She isn’t lazy and loves to trot, lope and jump over small obstacles. Pretty much nothing scares her; last year she went on a trip into the mountains, she was packed down with camping gear of all sorts, sounds and shapes. She crosses water and never gets tired! She also likes for you to ride bareback. She will make a wonderful gymkhana pony for a kid with some spunk or a lady that likes to trail ride. A mule ain’t got anything on how surefooted this squirt is! 

Apache is an expecting mother! She has been bred to our buckskin stallion and should have a beautiful baby. If you do not want the baby we will be happy to purchase it back at weaning age

Apache doing tricks

Sakr’ – 12 year old – Grey – Gelding – 14.2 Hands

Sakr’ (pronounced Sack-are) is a pest. There is no other word for it. If you go out to get another horse, it will be his nose in your halter. If you go to push a wheelbarrow he is the one standing in front. If you forget the grain in the back of the truck, he will find it. He has something of a cat’s personality, the big fat kind of cat, that thinks people were created for him. Sakr’ is pretty sure humans were created to feed, brush and exercise him. And just like the big fat cat, for some reason people are attracted to doing just that for him! He has such a friendly demeanor that people are attracted to him like bees to honey. He is a real honest to goodness wild mustang! Well, he was wild when we got him from the BLM. He was a year old then and the wild is all gone now. But not the nobility, when we run them in off the range he holds his head high and proud in true mustang spirit. We have used him as a general ranch horse and there is very little he hasn’t seen or done. He is a stout, dependable fellow that wont let you down.

Pard’ner – 16 year old – Sorrel – Gelding – 14 hands

Pard’ner was born on the ranch to a beautiful grey mare who we had also had since birth. His father messed up all the genetics I am afraid and poor Pard’ner turned out a boring sorrel color and small! But he doesn’t know it. He thinks he is the most beautiful and not only does he think he is big, he has all the other horses convinced as well! He is one of the leaders of the herd and nobody picks on little Pard’ner! But once saddled he is as gentle as a dog. He has given rides to beginners from age 1 to 94! No I am not joking! He had a 94 year old lady ride him! He is a very trust worthy fellow and has already experienced pretty much everything, nothing bothers him anymore except running out of treats. He doesn’t buck, rare or bite but as with all ponies he has a bit of an attitude. If kids get on him and handle him rough he will immediately loose 50 IQ points and revert to kindergarten.  If you handle him gentle but firm he is a dandy and will do anything you want. Being lazy by nature he prefers little kids, he ponies well behind other horses and would make a great horse for someone that has a child just starting out.

Cossack – 16 year old – Bay – Gelding – 15 hands

Cossack is a sweet boy that has been used all around the ranch. He has went on long trail rides into the wilderness over downed timber, through bogs and up steep inclines. He has been hobbled and isn’t barn spoiled. We have also used him in the dude string and he is just an easy going fellow that will do pretty much anything. He doesn’t care if you use a rope off of him, put ten children on him or bring him in the house to have coffee. Super Gentle

Libby – 16 year old – Palomino Gelding – 16 hands

Libby is a spirited gelding with a lot of energy. He has never been used as a dude horse, he was a wrangler’s horse. In other words he isn’t spoiled in a lot of ways dude horses are. His mouth and sides are soft and he responds with the lightest touch. He has been used in the mountains and can navigate difficult terrain with ease. He willingly crosses water, bogs and downed timber. He is a trouper and good for anyone who knows a bit about horses. We are not selling him as novice horse. Not that he bucks or bolts! But he does like to go and is alert, he isn’t the sort or horse you would drop your reins and put your slicker on. If you don’t understand that example he isn’t the horse for you. If you understand then you will get along splendidly with Libby. He has very smooth movement a trot that is easy to sit and a canter you can take a nap on. He neck reins, backs up willingly and side passes for gate shutting.

Dundee – 6 year old – Zebra Dun Gelding – 16 hands

Strawberry – 18 Year Old – Strawberry Roan – Mare – 14.2 Hands

Strawberry is another of our rescue projects (RV is a softy) She was a skinny old brood mare that no body wanted and was on her way to Old Roy when he rescued her. He gentled her and now she saddles easily and is a good pack horse and rides well. Anyone that knows how to ride can handle her. She neck reins beautifully. She absolutely adores attention and even knows a trick!  My dad taught her that if you sit down near her she will knock your hat off to get a treat. : )  Honestly I am not sure about RV sometimes!

Veda – 18 Year Old – Bay – Mare – 15 hands

Veda is a tank! Literally a tank! When we go on mountain trips and there is something extra that needs to be pack up the hill, Veda takes it. And she never acts like she is actually working. No matter how long or steep the trail she acts like she is out on a scenic picnic!

Veda was bred from one of our ranch stallions that produced several superior colts. All of his offspring were tough, hardworking and levelheaded. No health issues or hoof problems. She is as sound as a dollar. Though she may be a bit stubborn with beginners, anyone that knows how to ride can handle her easily.

Beka– 18 Year Old – Grulla – Mare – 15 hands