The High Plains Drift Inn is built like an old western town. It is not equipped with electricity, lighting is solar. The lodge is decorated with game heads from all over the U.S. and has a fire place you can thaw your chills out at. It is the perfect place to relax after a hard day afield and enjoy a book. Time passes too quickly when you’re sitting back listening to stories and gazing at the stars and distant mountains.

The dining room is a bit fancier than the cowboy hash room of yester-year. Meals are all home cooked country style! We do offer vegetarian and non gluten options if you let us know in advance. We don’t like people to go away hungry.

All cabins have access to a shower house that has four shower stalls and sinks with hot and cold running water. There are also multiple outhouses. Some of the  accommodations have indoor plumbing as well. Let us know if you have health issues that make indoor plumbing a priority. Our cabins are of different sizes holding anywhere from six to sixteen; we also have separate rooms.

“Court House” Cabin


“Marshall’s Office” Cabin

“School House” Cabin

“Jail” Shower House