Covid 19 Policy

Hello to all our hunters!

These past few years have been some of the strangest and most challenging years any of us has likely ever lived through, we hope you all have been well and that thinking about your fall elk hunt in Colorado has provided a little mental relief. We sure are looking forward to this season!

To make sure that your stay at our lodge is as safe as possible we have had to change a few things and make some new rules to meet the requirements of the state and county.

Here is a list of the things that we are doing to keep you safe and healthy…

  • The Hunting Seminar will be conducted outside weather permitting. To keep everyone from having to be too close to each other we will try to hold the seminar outside if the good Lord will smile on us with some nice weather. If not we will be in the lodge. The lodge will be well ventilated with fans to keep the air moving.
  • We will also be serving outside on our front porch for those of you who would like an even safer dining experience. We can even deliver meals to your cabin if you would prefer.
  • We will of course be cleaning the bathrooms and all surfaces that are handled, frequently. We will provide sanitizing hand wipes and Lysol or disinfectant in every bathroom.

And here are a few things we are asking you to do to keep everyone healthy 🙂

  • We follow our state’s laws concerning masks and if the state mandates them again we will have to comply to stay in business. We thank you for your understanding.
  • If you believe you may be sick please be considerate of others and take your meals in your cabin until you feel better.
  • COVER YOUR CAUGH! You aren’t 3 years old anymore! Be considerate of others even if you don’t think you have anything we don’t want your snot and spit all over us!
  • Bring a Camper or RV, in view of covid 19 we are offering $100 discount to anyone that would like to bring a camper to stay in.

We realize that some of you will be quite concerned about this virus and some of you will think its a bunch of nonsense. But whatever our personal opinions are, we are all a bunch of hunters that want to come out here and enjoy God’s majestic mountains and maybe get an elk while we are at it. If we are respectful and understanding of each other during this trying time God just might bless us with one of the most successful hunting seasons we have ever had.

With Great Thanks For Your Understanding and Full of Hunting Season Excitement!

The High Plains Drift Inn