Horses For Sale

We train a few horses each year as we take our clients on rides. Also we retire a few of our dude string before they get too old to make sure they have a good later life and many productive years for their new owners.  For more information about horses listed here, horses currently in training, or to set up an appointment to meet the horses call (719)850-8931

Sarsaparilla – 5 year old – Bay – Mare – 14 Hands (Bred mare)

Sarsaparilla! For those of you who do not know Sarsaparilla is an old cowboy soda drink, its kind of sweet, kind of tangy and has some bubble that tickle your nose. Sarsy (as we fondly call her) is a lot like the ol’ soda pop. She is of mustang origins and hasn’t got a ounce of quit in her. She went on a 30 mile long ride carrying a grown man and all his camping gear and she hardly broke a sweat! But really she would prefer to plod around the ranch like a lazy old nag. She is very gentle and suitable for riders of many experience levels. She is shaping up to be a real darling babysitter.

Sarsy is an expecting mother! She has been bred to our buckskin stallion and should have a beautiful baby. Most likely to be a buckskin or bay colored baby. If you do not want the baby we will be happy to purchase it back at weaning age.

Nevisca – 5 year old- Appaloosa – Gelding – 14 Hand

Navisca is a darling! A sweet, lazy, gluttonous, darling. He is so laid back you might even call him dopey. But you would only do so with the most charmed feeling. He just doesn’t want to displease anyone and he has learned that if you just do everything super carefully then everyone is happy with you. But if he trusts his rider he can get out of granny gear to go do things. He has a nice rocking horse lope and can climb mountains like a champ. You never have to worry about catching him because if you are outside he probably already has his nose between your shoulders looking for handouts. He is easy to shoe and will jump right in our trailer.  This horse is as gentle as most horses are at 20 and he still has his whole life to live. Buy this horse for your child and you wont need to get another until your child enters college! 

Cowgirl – AQHA Registered – 2 Year Old – Bay – Mare – 15.2 Hands

Cowgirl is beautiful. That’s the simple, God’s honest truth. She’s just beautiful. She is the Marilyn Monroe of the horse world and has all the right curves in all the right places : ) Cowgirl is a newer addition to our herd and started her training this winter. Her training is not finished at this time. Even though cowgirl is only two years old she is huge, you’d think she was a five year old. When she finishes growing she will be a force to be reckoned with. We would be happy to finish her out to meet your expectations, she is showing so much potential she would be suitable for many jobs. With her size and build, she would be good as a trail horse, roping horse or just a good steady riding horse.

Cowgirl also has an attitude a lot like Marilyn, that demure innocent girl appearance but she is just a bit mischievous if you aren’t watching. We gentle train all our horses and cowgirl has been no exception. She looks forward to her training sessions each day and meets us at the gate excited to get out. She loves to go riding because she gets to get out and explore the world.


Candy-AQHA Registered-2 Year Old-Bay Roan-Mare-15 Hands

Candy is a darling. She is kind, sweet and soft, anxious to please. She is AQHA registered and goes back to High Brow Cat on the top side. She reminds me of the old pictures of ranch stock that the cowboys used day in and day out. She started her training this winter and is coming along nicely. She has lovely gates and a beautiful canter. She is very light and quick on her feet and would make a great performance horse for many disciplines. I could easily see her doing well in reining or trail horse competitions.

Candy is not as high on the pecking order as some of the other horses. This is actually a blessing in many ways, horses like her are actually more willing to take direction. They are more easygoing and willing to just do as they are told, without a lot of argument. She is going to be a dream to ride, one of those horses that almost knows what you want, before you do. Candy got her first set of shoes yesterday and she stood like a champ. She loads in trailers well, ties well and is just a pleasure to handle and be around.


Dakota – AQHA – 2 Year old – Buckskin – Mare – 14.2

Dakota is a little firecracker! She will walk if you tell her to, but she would much prefer to prance. She will prance if you let her, but she’d much prefer to trot. Trotting is nice but it would be really good if you’d just let her gallop! This horse has so much energy, she just loves working. No trail is too far, no mountain too high. She is sure footed and navigates obstacles with ease. This horse is going to be perfect for someone that likes to cover country and get things done. But don’t get me wrong she has been started right and is not some ninny that wont stand still or tries to run away. She just likes to go and do.

Dakota loves people and gladly rushes up to anyone she sees to get a handout or a pet. You never have to worry about catching her, she will be in your business as soon as you open the gate. She is easy to groom and tack up and holds her feet well for cleaning or shoeing. She’ll jump right in the trailer like dog. She began her training this winter and is coming along nicely. With her work ethic and trainability she could be anything from a gymkhana or cutting to a working ranch horse and throw a nice foal to boot! She has some good breeding so make sure to check out her papers


Dixie – AQHA – 2 year old – Buckskin – Mare – 14.2 Hands


Muskrat – 5 Year old – Bay – Mare -14.2 Hands (Bred mare)

Muskrat, I know the name just isn’t right. But there is a story to it! We rescued her when she was only a few weeks old. She had been sold to the killers and hadn’t had mamma’s milk in days and days. She looked awful and we just couldn’t leave her. After we got her she succumbed to a lung infection and we were afraid she would die. But by God’s grace and with a lot of nursing she has now grown into a pretty snazzy looking lady. I shouldn’t call her a lady though, she has attitude! She must be partly Arabian and has that baby doll face and nice smooth gates. Her long lovely legs stride across the ground like a dancer, graceful and sure. She is easy to catch, groom, saddle and bridle. She loves people.

Muskrats training was going along very nicely when another horse in our herd kicked her in the shoulder. Since this injury she has been having some R&R. Our vet was not able to tell if it is a permanent injury or if she will heal 100%. For this reason we decided to breed her so she can have a back up job of Mother. I am actually quite excited about her foal. She is a good sized mare with a beautiful face (these pictures do not do her justice) bred to our quarter horse stallion…Whew! What a baby! an endurance rider’s dream! Baby will most likely be Buckskin or Bay

Jerry – 6 year old – Black – Mare – 14. hand – (Bred Mare)

Jerry is a real sweet mare that pretends to have attitude but she is actually a big softy. She tries to get her bluff in on the other horses but even they don’t take her seriously. She was shaping up to be a real good all around horse when she sustained a injury out at pasture. We have let her recuperate about a year and recently we have started her back to light work. She is not showing any physical indications anymore. No swelling or soreness after being used. However when she trots she does still have a slight limp. At this time we are not sure if its muscle atrophy that will go away with conditioning or if it is permeant.

Thankfully she is very sweet and stable so if nothing else she can be a benefit to anyone that has grandchildren that need a babysitter. She is bred and will have a beautiful foal at her side. The father is a registered buckskin Quarter Horse. The foal most likely will be buckskin or bay