Requirements & Prices

Must Bring! Important!

Bring your Hunter’s Safety or Hunters Education card otherwise you can not purchase a license in Colorado! 

High Plain Drift Inn Requirements

We require a 50% deposit to book and hold your place until hunting season. When you arrive you will pay the balance.

Please note that we require cash for the balance of your booking fee when you arrive, we hope this does not inconvenience you in any way but we are just so old fashioned! If this is not convenient for you please call us before your arrival if you would like to pay your balance with a credit card.

There must be at least two persons in every group. Exceptions to this are possible, call for more info.

Also I would like to point out here as I have in other places on the website, that we do not have electricity at the ranch so make sure you bring along your cigarette lighter charger for your phone.

Requirements of the State of Colorado

All guest hunters are responsible for obtaining their proper licensing from the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Over-the-counter tags can be bought at a local Wal-Mart, Big R store, or any hunting and fishing store in Colorado upon arrival of your visit. If you wish to buy your tag early, you may do so online or by phone with the Colorado Division of Wildlife starting 9 a.m. August 6th.

To purchase a license

In order to purchase a license in the state you need to have a drivers license or other picture I.D. and a Hunter’s Safety Card. The only exceptions to this is if you were born before 1949; if so you do not have to have a Hunter’s Safety Card.

After killing an elk

*Please note that we have more trouble with hunters making this mistake than any other.
After killing an elk, while you are processing it, you must leave the evidence of sex attached to a hind quarter, as stated in the Colorado regulations.
Please read the Colorado regulations! Every state is a bit different, so even if you are an avid hunter, you may not be aware of some of Colorado’s laws.

2023 License Fees

Bull/Fishing Combo*$760.99
Either-sex/Fishing Combo*$760.99
Cow/Fishing Combo*$760.99
Youth/Fishing Combo*$116.50
License Fees are according to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife 2023 Big Game requirements. All prices include a 25-cent search-and-rescue fee and a $1.50 fee for the Wildlife Education Fund, if applicable.
Youth ages 12-17
*Fishing portion of nonresident big game/fishing combo licenses are good through March 31, 2024.

Elk Hunting

Elk Package Details