Elk Package Details

6 Day Elk Hunt in Colorado.
No draw for license!

Archery Package   $1,500 per person

Rifle Package   $1,600 per person

Minimum two people per booking.

What You Get When You Stay at The HPDI

6 Day Stay

You will be provided with a cabin, room or bunk depending on the size of your group all bed linen and towels are provided.

Five Days Of Hunting

The first day will be spent either in RV’s seminar or hanging out around the ranch. After that begins your hunt and it continues for five days. Check-out will be the morning of seventh day.

3 Meals Per Day

We provide three meals per day, two of which are home cooked (breakfast and supper) and we pack a sack lunch for you; usually a sandwich and a variety of snacks, fruits and juices.

Hunting Seminar

The seminar is included in the package however it is optional you may skip it if you want. If you want to attend you should arrive for the seminar around 9:00 Friday morning. Archers will learn elk calling and elk behavior specific to archery season, while riflemen will learn elk behavior specific to rifle season. It also goes over simple first aid what to do if you get lost, how to prevent altitude sickness, and things of this nature. RV will go over maps with you about the area and point you in the right direction.  The experts are there at this time to answer your hunting questions and make it a great hunting experience for you.

If you choose to not be a partaker of the seminar, you can check in at the ranch anytime on Friday settle in, shoot your bow, and eat supper that night.

What To Expect From a Hunt at The HPDI…

Rifle Hunting Itinerary
Archery Hunting Itinerary

You will come in one day before you start hunting so that you can get rested up and acclimated to the altitude. We encourage people to arrive about 9 AM so that they can settle up and RV can begin his little talk 🙂  (There is no such thing as a little talk with RV ) about elk hunting.  His livelihood has depended on hunting and hunters for most of his 70 years of life. In other words he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve and increasingly in recent years he has been more willing to pass those tricks on to willing learners. The seminar can take most of the day, depending on the cohesiveness of the group in coordinating their bathroom and smoking breaks, the amount of questions and their level of experience.  My advice, get comfortable, enjoy the snacks and beverages and just listen. RV will go over maps with those interested and give  pointers on where to hunt.

 After the seminar completion, we will assign rooms. If all goes smoothly this will be early evening. Then you will have time to move in, check your rifle or bow on our range and get your tags from town if you haven’t already. If there is any time left you can relax and enjoy our Colorado sunset and socialize in our game lodge.

Because we are a family run, family friendly environment, we do not allow drinking in the main game lodge and dining area but you are welcome to in your cabins and on the grounds.  Over the years if nothing else we have learned that every group is different. We want you to have a good time so we do not try to make every group follow the same routine. The first night we want you to all get together and tell us when you want your meals. We keep the buffet open two hours each meal so you still have quite a bit of leeway. If you have any specific dietary needs please let us know.

You will then hunt for the next five days. Hopefully less than that! If you get your elk early in the hunt we have fishing poles and there are gold medal waters not far away. But if you’re not a fisherman, no worries there are lots of other things to do on the ranch. Check out is the morning of the seventh day.

We hope this will not simply be just another elk hunt but one of the most pleasantly memorable trips of your life.


Elk Hunting

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