Packing Out the Meat

The first concern of any ethical hunter is taking care of the harvest. I am probably asked more about this one thing than any other. Everyone wants to know if we will pack it out. As much as we would like to provide this service, unfortunately, in Colorado packing out a wildlife kill requires an outfitting license. We are not outfitters and do not provide any guiding or service on the National Forrest, we do not hold an outfitters license therefore we can not pack out your kill.

You are responsible for packing out your own kill. However often the other hunters staying at our lodge will volunteer to help as they hope someone will help them if they get one down!

Even though we do not provide packing, I would like to mention that often people make this into more of a bugabear  than it is. During the fall in the mountains the temperature drops down low enough that if you get the meat hung in trees it will cool down sufficiently not to spoil. Then you can have more time to pack it out one manageable piece at a time. None of the hunting areas that we recommend are more than a couple of miles from a road, so it just becomes a matter of trips. I am not making light of this process, as anyone who has packed out an elk before knows, it is work. But it is by no means impossible and the happiness getting one down and of having all that wonderful meat is generally enough inspiration to carry you through with a smile. Not getting in a hurry is the main thing. Remember killing it is the hard part, packing it out just requires time and patience.