Summer at the Ranch

Rest and Relaxation Cowboy Style

Ski trips are fun but summertime is really the best time to visit the Rockies. Summer time temperatures are pleasant in the valley seldom getting over 80°. Even our hottest days temperatures only peak for a few hours in the middle of the day. Just long enough to make you really enjoy a slice of watermelon while sitting on the shady porch.


Horse Riding

Horse riding is of course one of the favorite ranch activities and we have horses to suit just about every skill level.  We train our own horses and raise them from young colts so we know our babies and what they are capable of. We keep a herd of around 30 horses of all levels, year round. Sometimes we might take our friendship with the horses a bit too far, Melanie is still complaining about me letting Molly eat her pancakes with maple syrup.

CAnoeing and kayaking

Anyone that stays at the ranch is welcome to use our kayaks free of charge. There is a reservoir nearby where even beginners are safe to learn. There are also many rivers including the Rio Grande River.


While you’re at the ranch, take a drive down the Alamosa canyon and fish the Alamosa River or Terrace Reservoir. There are also many other lakes in the backcountry with good fishing!

small Ranch animals

We keep a herd of goats at the ranch primarily for milk which we make into yogurt and cheese. We also have chickens for farm fresh eggs and we raise a few rabbits. Not to mention the cats, dogs, birds, donkeys, and miniature horses…in other words there are an endless number of animals!

Garden and foraging

Though we live in an area with a short growing season, we manage to grow many of our own vegetables. The garden is always needing weeded and watered, it takes a lot of work but it’s a lot of reward! There are also many wild plants that can be foraged in our area like raspberries, chokecherries, current berries, pinon nuts, woolly mullein, scarlet globe mallow…. just to name a few!