6 Day Elk Hunt in Colorado. This year!
No draw for license! $1300


dsc09533       The High Plains Drift Inn is a family run hunting lodge in south central Colorado. The High Plains Drift Inn (HPDI) was started in 1989 by RV Robertson, a nationally acclaimed elk specialist, who has been in the hunting scene for over 50 years. He did not choose this location randomly, located in game management units 80-81, this area is home to one of the largest wild elk populations in the world.

       We are not an outfitting/guiding service (though we can fix you up with one if you img_2247
would like). Instead, we wanted to do things a bit different from other places around. We wanted to supply hunters with a lodge and an elk hunting support team while letting them do their own hunting.  We do the hard work for you so you can focus on what truly matters…hunting
. We cook your meals,  make your beds, build your fires and if you like we can point you in the right direction to find those elk.

Our lodge provides the security and many of the amenity’s of an outfitter while embracing real free-chase hunting. You won’t find any tame elk or high fences around here! The HPDI is for people who want to hunt on their own, who want to be able to say they did it themselves without a guide, yet want a nice atmosphere, game lodge, cabins and home cooked meals to come in to at night.  We are the in-between answer for the “do-it-yourself” kind of guy. No more arguing about who has to do the cooking and dishes when you all come into camp after dark, cold, tired and hungry. No more taking spit baths out of a pot or the frigid mountain stream to keep your scent down. And that infernal rock that always ends up right in the middle of your back won’t be there to hound you at our ranch. If you are a first DSC02803.JPGtime elk hunter, RV gives a free complete seminar on everything you will need to know. The seminars are so in depth that any level of hunter from beginner
to professional elk guide can learn something to make their hunt better. Over the years RV’s techniques have helped down innumerable elk, including several in the 400 class range. And that’s not just on private land, but also on public land!

         One of the huge advantages of hunting with us as opposed to camping out is that we do the preseason scouting and try to keep up with where the elk are for you. This info can shave off days, weeks, even years of figuring out where the elk are. Now I don’t want to mislead anyone, this is not a canned hunt by any means. Even though our area according to the DOW has more wild elk than any other area in the world, the country y-cam-fall-2016-574is hard and people constantly underestimate how smart the elk are. Unlike deer, even resident elk can have an area of over a thousand square miles. Also, consider that migratory elk can travel a hundred miles in a few hours. They live out there in the woods, 365 days of the year. They know what normal sounds like, they know what normal smells like. We base our success on getting people in the area with elk so that they either see them or hear them and our success ratio at that is about 98% but just because you are in the right area doesn’t mean you will kill, lots can go wrong. So let’s be clear about your chances, the DOW statistics of success for our area are 1 elk per hunter, every five years. Our lodge usually does better than that but there is no guarantee. Let’s remember this is a do-it-yourself hunt; you are paying $1300 whereas a guided hunt in our area starts at $3700 dsc06467and there is still no guarantee!  It might sound like I am discouraging you at this point but that is not my intention, I just want us to be on the same page about what we are offering. In reality the most valuable thing we have in life is our time, we only have so much of it before our ticket expires. This is true for you and for me. I don’t want you to waste your time on a hunt you won’t enjoy and I don’t want to waste my time being around miserable people; thirteen hundred dollars just isn’t worth it.

          So in short, here is what we can do for you: we can give you a comfortable place to
stay, a good atmosphere, and a nice lodge to sit around and tell stories. Warm dry beds to sleep in, hot showers to wash off the day’s mud, and after our rugged dscn2142mountains have taken their toll on your body and you come in tired, we will be waiting with a smile and a hot home cooked meal. We try to serve as much that was grown right on our ranch or killed in our woods as possible. Hopefully you will get to try a few species you never have before. Last but by no means least, we will provide you access to some of the most beautiful country in the world and a better than average chance to take home an elk.

        We are a family business and know how important family is. Therefore we love to see a man bring his wife and/or kids. Even if they are not hunters there are lots to do on the ranch and in our Valley. So I hope you will call for some references and see if we can fulfill your hunting vacation needs.
The Robertsonsdsc06433