2022 Hunting Dates

Applications For Draw Seasons and Species :

  • Primary draw:
    • Begins; March 1st
    • Deadline; April 5th
  • Secondary draw:
    • Begins; June 21st
    • Deadline; July 5th

Archery/ Muzzle Loader:

  • Full Season Dates: September 2-30
Slot AvailabilityArrival DateHunt DaysDeparture Date
Week 1Fri, Sept. 2ndSept. 3-7Thur, Sept. 8th
Week 2 (Muzzle loader)Fri, Sept. 9thSept. 10-14Thur, Sept. 15th
Week 3 Fri, Sept. 16thSept. 17-21Thur, Sept. 22th
Week 4Fri, Sept. 23thSept. 24-28Thur, Sept. 29
*Additional days possible based on availability. Extra charges apply.


  • 1st Rifle Season Dates: October 15-19
  • 2nd Rifle Season Dates: October 29 – November 6
  • 3rd Rifle Season Dates: November 12-18
Slot AvailabilityArrival DateHunt DaysDeparture Date
1st Rifle SeasonFri, October 14Oct. 15-19Thur, Oct. 20th
2nd Rifle SeasonFri, Oct. 28rdOct. 29-2Thur, Nov 3 th
3rd Rifle SeasonFri, Nov. 11thNov. 12-16Thur, Nov. 17th
*Hunting package includes 5 days of hunting. Additional days available. Extra charges apply.

Please note:

~From our ranch we hunt both
Area Units 80 & 81

~If you would like to hunt Deer or Bear at the same time as you hunt Elk that is just fine with us. There is no added charge as far as we are concerned. However you do have to draw for these tags. The deadline for the draw is the 5th of April.

~ For the draw seasons. In order to make certain your group is not split in the draw you will need to fill out a group application when you apply for your license.

2022 License Fees

Bull/Fishing Combo*$700.98
Either-sex/Fishing Combo*$700.98
Cow/Fishing Combo*$526.17
Youth/Fishing Combo*$107.43
License Fees are according to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife 2022 Big Game requirements. All prices include a 25-cent search-and-rescue fee, a $1.50 fee for the Wildlife Education Fund, if applicable.
Youth ages 12-17

2022 Hunt Codes

For more information, visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website. Helpful reading material: “Big Game Brochure”