Ski Mountains

There are a lot of resorts within driving distance of us Angle Fire, Red River, Monarch Crested butte, Taos and Wolf Creek. But here is a little info about our favorites.

Wolf Creek


Wolf Creek boasts that has “The Most Snow in Colorado” and you know what, it just might. At 11,900 feet above sea level the slightest bit of moisture in the clouds means snow. And not just any kind of snow either! I mean that light, fluffy, dry stuff. The kind when you ski over it you feel like your floating on clouds.

Wolf Creek is a smaller family focused resort, meaning there is no waiting in lift lines and you wont get lost looking for the bathroom. Well at least that is how it is most of the time, these last few years word about its great snow has gotten out and peak season time can be a bit crazy.

20% of Wolf Creek’s runs are greens and 35% are blues this makes it the perfect place to learn. There are some great wide gentle runs that are perfect for starting out in this thrilling sport. When we have beginners we always like to start them out here it’s just a good fit.

Now I know some of you reading this are sighing about now, “how boring!” Well don’t be too upset the other 45% of the mountain is advanced and expert! One trip through the Waterfall area will have your blood pumping and your legs burning!

Wolf Creek Website

Taos TSV

Peak elevation of Taos Ski Resort is 12,481 feet above sea level. Again they have great powder days. Taos is a slightly larger ski resort than Wolf Creek boasting 15 lifts, over a hundred runs and several on mountain warming lodges. It also has a great terrain park, that is groomed nightly,  for those of you who aren’t satisfied with keeping your skis on the snow! Another thing I like about Taos is that if you are willing to do a little climbing there are runs that have so little traffic you can ski power days after a storm.

Taos claims to have 24% beginner runs and 25% intermediate runs. But really I question that. Honestly I think many of the runs they mark green would be blues on most other mountains. Its not that this isn’t a good place for beginner skiers actually I think Taos realized that this was a weakness of theirs and so they put in a lift and made areas just for beginners. Its just that a beginners should keep this in mind as they are skiing and if they feel a little challenged its not them, its the mountain!

All you crazies, snow bums and experts out there, this it the mountain for you! You can ski the whole year here and never get bored and maybe never even try all the runs! Bumps, cliffs, steeps, jumps and terrain park Taos has everything you need to test your limits.

Taos Ski Website



Monarch Mountain is the smallest of our favorite drive to resorts but its just so authentic Colorado and so friendly.  High elevations 11,952 feet, abundant snowfall 350 inches per year, gorgeous scenery and excellent terrain. Last season they actually got so much snow they had to close one day to dig out!  The ski area is situated high along the Continental Divide in the Sawatch Range within the San Isabel National Forest near the towns of Salida, Buena Vista and Gunnison. The resort features many long intermediate trails amazing tree skiing and wide open alpine bowls. Another thing I like about Monarch is it is one of the few locally owned ski resorts left in Colorado, in other words its small enough to still care.

Monarch Website