Joe Brletch, Pennsylvania

I talked with RV this morning and I will follow-up with him again after the 3rd rifle season ends. Attached is a picture of me and the tree that fell on me during the 2nd rifle season this year. I told RV, I would send him the picture. Tell him that I said the caption needs to be “I’m a little tougher than I look”. He’ll understand.
I really enjoyed the time I spent out there with you guys, hunting and getting know RV, the boys, and the ladies at the ranch. I had a great time up until the tree fell on me. Please also send my “hello” to Lisa, Amy, Elijah, Yancy, and others who were out at the ranch when I was there.
 Thanks for all your hospitality and for being the great people that you are. I look forward to visiting you guys again.
Joe Brletch