Brett Bisley, Sequoia Park California

Hey Guys,
I have hunted out of High Plains Drift Inn since ’06, with warm beds, hot showers and home cooked meals. In 5 years have taken 2 bulls with a bow. The first year I hunted rifle then was led into archery at RV’s place, and now I hardly squeeze a trigger unless its on the release of my bow. It’s a heck of a story if you meet me in person but no room here. Coming from a cattle ranching family, I didn’t think there was any better meat than beef, until I had elk. I am a meat hunter, so you wont see pictures of me with big antlers here(yet) but my picture is in their gallery. If you want to LEARN how to hunt elk, this is the place!! Not to mention its on public land. Where else can you hunt elk on public land for 5 days, have at least 2 hot, home cooked meals, hot showers and a clean warm bed every night for under $2000. Elk hunting eluded me for years because I thought you couldn’t do it for less than $6000. Thanks RV for teaching me how to hunt elk.

Brett Bisley