Ski Package


Want to have the most unique experience of your life?

Ski with the High Plains Drift Inn!

The majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado are known world wide for their snow and with three ski resorts within an hours drive of us, we are right in the thick of it. Right where we know you want to be too!


But we also know that you are a multifaceted human who wants more than just another ski trip. After all anyone can book a hotel at a ski resort, but we offer something special, something out of the ordinary,  something you can’t get anywhere else…  a nonstop week of skiing/boarding, horse riding, gun shooting, eating and all around cowboy playing!

We have pulled out all stops and checked all the spots to make sure you have the time of your life, here is what we have planned…


Pick up from Denver International Airport or Colorado Springs Airport. After pick up we will get something to eat and head out to ranch.


We know travel is a lot of hard work so we will let you settle in and relax the first evening by the fireside. When you walk out side smell the wood smoke and gaze at millions of twinkling  stars and hear? You wont hear much, just the occasional Winnie of a horse or the distant call of a coyote.




After a good nights rest hopefully you are now on the same time zone as us and we can really get going! Early risers can head out to help feed the animals or those not so ambitious can head to the dining room for a cup of hot coffee.

After a hearty cowboy breakfast we will load up and head to town to get everyone outfitted with boots, skis or boards. Then we will go see some sites


Landscape of sand dunes and mountains in winter. Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, USA.

The Great National Sand Dunes, Zapata Falls,




White Mountain Trading Post, Kit Carson’s Old Fort or perhaps a mining museum and the old town of Creed where the famous gunfighters used to gamble.




The bell rings bright and early! Pull on those base layers, we are hitting the slopes!14

Spend the day skiing with one of our trusty mountain guides. We will split up in groups according to ski/boarding preferences so whether you are looking to find every jump on the mountain or just want to cruise the greens you will have a comrade.DSC06269

Of course if you would rather explore uncharted territory on your own, there’s nothing stopping you but your own fear, go on, live large! When your stomach starts getting louder than your ipod head down to the lodge where lunch and hot cocoa is (3)


And when you have finished that last run that you pushed so hard to get before the lifts closed we will load up and head back to the ranch where the cooks have a hearty meal prepared.



Hope your legs can stand it cause we have another ski day planned! Only difference is you will be carving those turns looser and faster and the people once telling you where to go will now be doing all they can to keep up, as you move from favorite runs to exploring new ones.

download (2)After having two hard days in a row we figure your muscles are probably begging for mercy so how about we slip on a bathing suit and into some hot springs? I thought you might like that idea. Pagosa Springs is the world’s deepest hot springs.



Containing 23 different minerals the therapeutic waters of this spring are sure to ease your tired muscles, my father says he gets 20 years younger every time he visits.the-springs-resort-spa


I hope your soak was good I don’t want you to have any excuse for missing the target with that cowboy six shooter. That’s right we are going to get out some old fashioned guns and play cowboy. Any Annie Oakleys or Clint Eastwoods in the group? All you gentlemen better be ware! In my experience those women that are so shy, quiet and timid about shooting are often crack shots! Concentrate, you don’t want the ladies to show you up!





Rise and shine! Fresh cinnamon rolls anyone? Drink some extra coffee and inquire at the kitchen for some ginseng if you need it…

1119171606We are heading to an even bigger ski area! Hey what did you expect? Did you think we would let you keep skiing at the same place? You might have shown us up too bad, so we decided to drop you into a new slope to restore our value as guides!

Taos Ski Valley is my personal favorite, it has a little bit of everything and a LOT of advanced runs. Another thing I like about Taos is that it has some great shops, museums and Art galleries! We can either see some shops before lunch and hit the slopes in the afternoon or  whoever would like to give their legs a break can pull on their walking shoes and check out the town instead of skiing. Once the die-hard skiers get down off the slope we will meet up at a Mexican restaurant that overlooks the old town square. Year ago horses and wagons passed where our cars are now parked.
https-blogs-images.forbes.comforbeslifestylefiles2014101013_life-taos-juarez-run_2000x1125-e1413480049923-300x169On top of there being more shops and art galleries than you can count, there is also Kit Carson’s home, the Millicent Rogers Museum, the Governor’s Home and a real Native American Indian reservation!





IMG_1956Are you tired yet? Well, we will let you sleep just as long as you want this morning. But I wouldn’t sleep in too late, man you can sleep when you are dead! We have things planned for today too. Wanna’ ride a horse? Thought you might. Well get out of bed and get your breakfast then!


We will saddle up after the horses finish eating their breakfast and we will see if you guys have a cowboy/cowgirl hidden inside. And if there is snow on the ground we might even pull you on your skis with the horses!



Wow! Its Saturday already? Where did the time go so fast? I don’t know either it always amazes me how fast time can fly. Speaking of flying, as much as I hate to say it,  I think its time for us to get you back to the airport. Well this is goodbye I hope you had a great time with us and hopefully we will see you again when the snow flies!

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