The Team

The brains of our outfit RV Robertson. Elk specialist and the best story teller you will ever meet. Not to mention horse trainer, rancher, master carpenter, historian, etc.
Eleeshea Hagen, RV’s daughter. Co-director, Slave driver, writer,  archer, aspiring dog breeder/trainer, horse trainer, and laboriously outnumbered family organizer. (By the way, don’t ask her, she’d never admit this.)

Elisha Robertson, RV’s son and general right hand man. Paint balling, varmint hunting extraordinare.


Carrie Jo Robertson, RV’s daughter-in-law. Cheerful dog training apprentice, avid horse riding enthusiast, and HPDI cheering squad.

Melina Robertson, RV’s wife. Chief troublemaker and pinch hitter.

Yancey Sullivan, RV’s grandson. Number one errand runner, overseer, assiduous bladesmith, and small-mouth bass fisherman. Yes that fish is 21 inches!

Lisa Bressman, RV’s daughter in law. Secretary, head cook, coffee-inspired organizer, and not to mention our “go to” girl for anything and everything.

Deborah Jones, head wrangler, goat milker, and hands down the best helper on any project.

Amy Custer, RV’s sidekick and protégé. Horse training apprentice and able kitchen assistant. Young and upcoming violin virtuoso and cross-country skier.