Day #4

I hope you didn’t stay up too late on that monopoly game because morning comes early today too, but there are fresh cinnamon rolls to bribe you out of bed! You will enjoy today even better! 

You will have a nice lunch….if you don’t feed it all to the birds!


After Skiing

When you have skied until the lifts or ’till your legs begged for mercy, you  will drive with us over Wolf Creek Pass, perhaps we will even listen to C.W. McCall’s famous song named after this beautiful mountain pass (much improved since the song! lol. ) On the other side are the world’s deepest hot mineral springs, the perfect place to soak away those sore muscles. I have a favorite spa I will take you, they keep it very clean and there are many pools of different temperatures. So, like Goldilocks you can find the perfect one!



After showering and changing into street clothes let’s visit a local restaurant and grab a bite to eat and perhaps  play a game of pool with a cowboy before heading home.

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