Day #3

Day #3

Morning comes early today! Dress warmly we are going to hit the slopes! We are going to introduce you to that addicting snow sport~Skiing! Or if you already ski, this is the moment you have been waiting for!

  We will start out our skiing at Wolf Creek Ski resort as it is a nice place to learn, lots of green runs. [Ski routes down the mountain are called “runs” they are rated for difficulty by color, Green is the easiest]

43864 Wolf Creek Trail Map.indd

    If you are already an experienced skier there is plenty of options for you too, Wolf Creek on most years receives the most snow in North America! Meaning that there is usually powder and it is seldom icy!

    When your legs need a break we will stop and have some hot chocolate and eat lunch. If you get cold there are lodges to go in and warm up and take a break from all the excitement.

When the ski lifts close we will head back to the ranch for a hot meal, traditional Mexican enchiladas anyone?  


Then perhaps you will have energy for a game? We have a selection of games including everything from Chinese Chess and Go to Monopoly, Clue and of course cards., I am sure we can find something to suit everybody.



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