Day #2


The day will begin, as it will each day of your stay, with a hearty cowboy breakfast and hot coffee.1500929258049

Those who like to be up at the crack of dawn can help feed the animals, play with the dogs and milk the goats!


    We will load up in the trucks and drive to town so that you can be fitted by professionals for for skis or a snowboard. Ski fitting shouldn’t take long then we will be off to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. It is interesting feature to encounter huge hills of sand right in the middle of the rocky mountains! The Sand dunes are famous and attract visitors from all over the world

We will also visit an old fashioned Trading Post that has traditional Native American made jewelry and pottery.  

When you have had enough shopping, we will head home to the ranch for hot meal and some relaxing before you go to bed and get rested up for a big day tomorrow!

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